Finding Me

Finding Me

Publication Date: Spring 2019

Publisher: Swoon Romance

Synopsis: Sometimes you find love where you least expect it, and with the person you never thought you could fall for.  Sometimes that love is exactly what you need to bring out the best in yourself, even when you feel like the world is against you.

Sixteen-year-old Claire Williams knows all about anger and feeling alone.  A car accident took not only her mother away from her, but also Claire’s ability to walk.  Learning to cope with life in a wheelchair, Claire’s father finds solace in his work, leaving Claire to fend for herself and face her grief by herself.

When she is sent to live with her grandmother, away from her old school and friends, Claire has to give up the only other parts of her life that kept her together and start fresh.  At her new school, she runs into Todd – the son of the man who caused the car accident and took so much away from her.  At first, she wants nothing to do with him, but as time goes on, Claire finds herself attracted to Todd, and slowly falling in love with him.

When Claire’s father makes plans to move and take her with him, she must fight to stay in Greenwood, with her new friends, her grandmother, and of course, Todd.

Finding Me is a story full of hope, the importance of family, and finding love in the person you least expect.

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