Blessed Be

Blessed Be

Publication Date: TBA

Synopsis: Willow has always been close to her family, even if she doesn’t agree with the Christian religion they so closely follow.  Her family loves and trusts Willow, and Willow has never made any poor choices that would affect how her parents thought of her – she’s kind, loving – she even babysits the next door neighbor’s small children for free.  In their eyes, she is the perfect Christian daughter.

But Willow is hiding a secret: she has fallen in love with the Wiccan religion.  After years of struggling with her beliefs, she has finally found something that feels like home to her, although she has to practice in secret so her parents don’t know about it.

When her parents eventually discover Willow’s new religion, they are less than supportive: they send Willow to a summer camp for Christian teens in a hope that they can help get her back on the right track, despite the fight Willow puts up about their plans.  Instead, Willow attends the summer camp and surprisingly makes new friends with other kids who are in a similar situation with their parents, and they try to make the best of their situations while staying true to themselves in the process.

When a cruel prank at camp causes Willow’s parents to be called in, Willow returns from camp, and her parents expect her to have found her way back to their religion. But Willow has held firm to her beliefs and hopes that her parents can open up and learn to accept their daughter, no matter what path she chooses to follow.

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